Wednesday, April 24, 2013

“Wedding season” is rapidly approaching (as is my own wedding date!), and many men are starting to think about groomsmen gifts. Although the perfect item may come to mind- possibly something related to the theme of the wedding- more often choosing the right item for any kind of gift, especially for weddings (which generally speaking, people tend to have less often than Birthdays…) can be a bit taxing. There are certain items which are usually pretty safe without being unexciting though. 
Traditional wet-shaving is undergoing a renaissance, and a shaving set featuring a high quality brush and finely-finished razor would be an excellent choice for many men. Alternatively, a good quality wallet is a good gift even for someone who already has one, as wallets benefit from occasional rotation to allow the leather to recover from time spent shoved in sweaty pockets. Having more than one wallet also gives a man the option to co-ordinate their wallet with the rest of their accessories. 

Kaliandee currently has an extensive gifts section, with many leather items, shaving products and grooming accessories that would make excellent groomsman gifts.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Kaliandee now carries a range of wet-shaving products and accessories by Edwin Jagger of Sheffield in our online store. You can read more here, or check out the store: