Friday, June 14, 2013

Shaving Gear: The Merkur 34

Merkur 34 HD Safety Razor
Merkur 34

Most beginners looking for suggestions for a first Double Edge Safety Razor quickly learn of the Merkur 34, aka the Merkur Heavy Duty.  The Merkur 34 has long been one of the most recommended  razors on forums such as Badger and Blade and the ShaveNook.

The Author's Merkur,  in need of a clean
While most safety razors are fairly simple, with the exception of some adjustable models, the Merkur is a very basic design, with a solid two-piece construction.  The 34 is a time tested design, which has been around for decades under various guises. Despite its short handle, the 34 is well balanced and easy to grip.

The shave head of the 34 has a closed comb (or safety bar), and slightly more blade exposure than Muhle or Edwin Jagger heads. This gives a slightly more aggressive shave, but not overly so. The Merkur is not as well finished as the Edwin Jagger equivalent (the DE89), but should last a lifetime of use.

At the time of writing, the Merkur 34 is in stock at and