Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Annual Beard Growing Experiment

Normally, I can't grow more than a couple of day's worth of facial hair before the urge to shave becomes overwhelming. However, for the last few years, usually around October/November, I find that not only can I go longer without shaving before caving into the need to reach for my razor, but part of me actually wants to know if I can pull off a bearded look (this seasonal change in attitudes is usually accompanied by an increased interest in folk music from colder climes, knitted woolen products, and the sudden decision that porage is an edible breakfast food after all).

This time around, I've managed to last long enough for my facial hair to go from proto-beard (my previous growth cutoff point, pun intended), to something I can claim as an actual, honest Beard. I've decided I'm going to keep it, urge to shave be damned, at least until I've had my first bottle of Muskoka brewery's Winter Beard Stout for the year (available from November 1st).

I suspect that over the course of the rest of the month, and quite possibly beyond, I'll end up learning a thing or two about maintaining facial hair (my current expertise is exclusively in it's removal); how to properly define a beard's lower limit, and how to shave with even more precision than before as I try to keep my neck clean-shaven without ruining the line of what I wish to keep. I may even, finally, be able to own a first-hand opinion on some of our (apparently) very good mustache and beard waxes. I'll be reporting back with any advice, lessons learned, and useful sources of information of potential interest to my readers- stay tuned.