Sunday, February 22, 2015

A closer look at the Edwin Jagger and Simpsons shaving brushes

Shaving is something that many of us see as a boring chore that we absolutely have to do in order to maintain a professional experience. Because of that, we don’t often take the time to think about the items that we’re using to shave our faces. Without proper care, however, our faces can start to look worn. So, what are the best of the best brands in shaving brushes? In this article, we’re going to take a peek at two of them: Edwin Jagger shaving brushes, and Simpsons shaving brushes. Let’s take a closer look at why these are the best shaving brushes out there.

First, with both Edwin Jagger shaving brushes and Simpsons shaving brushes, you have a variety of different sizes and shapes that you can choose from. Both brands of brushes have versatile handles that are comfortable to hold, and the sizes are pretty much perfect for any face that needs them. From the Edwin Jagger extra-large to the Simpsons Keyhole KH2, you have your choice of sizes, shapes, types, and more.  They are also  very easy to take care of, and you will find that the prices for these particular brands are incredibly fair, especially for how long they are going to last you. 

Speaking of how long they are going to last you, we’d be mistaken to not tell you about how they’re put together. Both Edwin Jagger shaving brushes and Simpsons shaving brushes are made from badger hair, which is one of the finest materials that you can get them made from. Since these brushes are used to lather the soap on your face before you shave, the material can also help them to do other things as well. The hair is known to help soften the skin on your face, helps to prevent injuries because of how you can apply the lather, and it can help raise the whiskers on your face so shaving is easier.

There are a few other brands out there that can help you with high quality shaving brushes, if you don’t like what Edwin Jagger and Simpsons have to offer. Another well-known company is Vulfix; their 1000A is a bargain brush that still uses badger hair, but you can get it for a lower price, if you’re a bargain hunter. Like the Edwin Jagger and Simpsons shaving brushes, Vulfix is usually found in most shaving kits alongside razor brands like D.R. Harris and Merkur Sollingen.
When you want to keep your face clean shaven, be sure that you go with the best products out there. If you’re looking for products like the Edwin Jagger shaving brushes or the Simpsons shaving brushes, you will find that Kaliandee excels at getting those products to you for a fair price.